Focus on the Moment, Not on the Monsters that May or May Not Appear Tomorrow

Most people start life from a disadvantaged position and, over the course of time, some of them become just fine! By focussing on the moment, taking things one at a time, second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, they empowered more necessary thoughts, eliminated unnecessary thoughts, and enhanced their individual ability to keep the wheels rolling.

Generally, we are limited by our very human nature and can’t always think outside the box like GOD can. As a result, we usually place ourselves in the most unfair and limited position by focussing endlessly on the obstacles of the past and future of almost everything we can possibly think of, instead of focussing on the moment.

But the few individuals who go above and overboard aren’t always omniscient or omnipotent! Yes, they aren’t always sure whether their existing problems will disappear or become worse. However, one thing they’re certainly sure of is placing their utmost focus on the situation(s) at hand—the present moment. While concentrating on the moment, they find it easier to handle real obstacles—the obstacles of the moment!

Focussing on obstacles that may or may not appear tomorrow can get you and your emotions worked up in over-thinking, and limit the amount of energy and quality of focus you can actually develop to handle real problems—the problems of the moment.

What matters is “quick-fire” focus on the moment

If you have a pressing problem or obstacle now—at the moment—would it matter whether this moment is the worst moment for you to be alive? Would it really matter if you waste your time conceiving thousands of different thoughts about monsters or problems which may or may not even appear in the future? No, it wouldn’t!

Unfortunately, it is usual for people’s imaginations to sway beyond the present into the past and future, without ever taking note of the fact that projected obstacles—which may never appear in the future—are not as real as the present obstacles which are the ones that require the utmost focus.

Living in the present can be very demanding, but the more we embrace the moment—the present—the easier it becomes to face obstacles, tackle them, and move on.

Obstacles have to be viewed in a different light: we can use them as opportunities to focus on the present moment, take our best actions one step at a time, and be content to focus on/deal with results as they arise from our actions.


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