We Hardly Consider How Much Worse Things Could Have Been

No matter the situation you’re in, things could have been much worse than they have been. If you unfortunately lose money, take note that you could have lost all your property. If you unfortunately lose your job, take note that you could have lost your life.

That’s just the way it is: generally, we’re not in charge of many things in life and in our lives. So, even if we get into a seriously challenging and trying situation—worst case scenario—we have to hope for the best outcome while being thankful that the trying situation isn’t much worse.

Accepting the challenges posed by your worst obstacles or unfortunate circumstances—rather than rejecting or resenting them—can help you become a different and stronger person who is better adjusted to the reality of the constraints or challenges from terrible situations.

The constraints in life can still lead us to our desired destination

Oftentimes, it doesn’t seem as if obstacles and constraints would work to our advantage—but they can and sometimes do, especially if we accept them and allow them to dictate things a bit or completely.

Constraints force us to go places we’d never want or think of; they push us to develop skills we’d otherwise leave undeveloped. Everybody would like to have developed or many developed skills or virtues, but that isn’t up to us. It is up to Life—to GOD.

Life pushes us: It tells us to go here and there. It places constraints or limitations around us. In the midst of it all, we’d be unwise to argue with or yell at Life. We’d be better off accepting some so-called “unacceptable situations” and forging ahead with optimism, while understanding that situations could have been worse than they are.

If you aren’t the cause of your problem, accept your situation and move on

Moving on from a problem or defeat doesn’t mean you’ve given up. What it means is that you’ve accepted a challenge and—if you are the courageous type—would try to turn it upside down and use it to your advantage.

Appreciate the situation of your problem. Accept what you have. Learn to be at peace with it. Instead of wasting time, wailing, and complaining, accept that failure or constraint and move on. To stress the point further, even if the inconceivable becomes conceivable or presents itself, be ready to accept it and move on.

Many life lessons teach us that anything can happen. Many fortunate and unfortunate events are controlled by fate or better “the Will of GOD”. Fate or the Will of GOD is the unseen power or greatest force that shapes our lives and destinies.

We definitely had nothing to do with being born black, white, or any other color—none of us had any influence on it. The constraints in life make certain things that happen, to happen, and no one else but GOD would ever change them.

In many aspects of life, it could be helpful to consider how much worse things could have been. We should be humble and flexible enough to acknowledge that certain things are just way beyond us, and both the known and unknown could change our initial plans at any time.

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