Behind the Scenes, Everybody Struggles in Some Areas of Life

Everyone’s life would appear to be a bit more equal if we view life in a much broader scope and come to this simple conclusion/fact: every man-made creation that exists around us was made by people who had experienced their own struggles behind the scenes while doing what they love and do best.

In all seriousness and reality, despite the carefree lifestyles shown in many movies and magazines, a carefree lifestyle just doesn’t exist. Dear soul, a life that’s void of struggles just doesn’t exist!

Nobody is superhuman enough to rid themselves of struggles in all areas of life, even if they portray or would like to portray a life of carefreeness to the whole wide world. Actually, everyone struggles in life—in fact, more often behind the scenes—emotionally, financially, materially, etc.

This might sound shocking, but nobody—including the world’s most brilliant and greatest geniuses—was, is, or will ever be as godlike or superhuman to the point of completely evading or making themselves immune from struggles.

In one way or another, everyone struggles. It’s not easy to notice that everyone struggles if you focus only on the successes or accomplishments of the people who are majorly changing the world around you.

We wrongly assume that successful or accomplished people usually don’t have struggles to contend with because they appear to be perfect, too intelligent, extremely productive, tremendously persistent, highly creative, enormously popular, so zealous, exceedingly beautiful, very strong, etc.

Even if you’ve authored many books on a subject and taught people how to handle struggles, that doesn’t mean you don’t or won’t ever have a load or truckload of struggles to deal or compete with.

The people behind the scenes of success or accomplishments have had to deal with the same types of problems as people who haven’t yet succeeded; the only difference is that they know how to cover their problems from the public and handle them a bit more effectively.

While achieving success, many great men and women had their own fair share of struggles and failures, found themselves unable to avoid or resist some temptations, succumbed to the allure of instant gratification, and even jeopardized some of their long-term goals. This is just part of being human—not superhuman or godlike!

As a matter of fact, the people whom we consider to be extremely successful aren’t that much different from us or anybody. Many of them struggled in the past: some had less willpower than we currently have, while others were less disciplined than us. However, they contended with and overcame their struggles.

Becoming intelligent, extremely productive, tremendously persistent, highly creative, and enormously popular is within everybody’s grasp—even if there’s some struggling to hustle with behind the scenes.

Neither you nor anybody else will ever live without having at least an ounce of struggle in one or more aspects of life: nobody will ever permanently distance themselves from the unpredictable struggles of life. Learn to accept and adapt to that, but keep your head up high as you come to terms with your conditions.


25 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes, Everybody Struggles in Some Areas of Life

    1. you’re welcome and thanks for sharing that very important piece of advice: “Don’t compare yourself to others.” a lot of problems, especially emotional, spring up when we compare and contrast ourselves with others

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  1. I’m happy I read this. I’ve been comparing myself with other writers. I’ve followed their sucesses and I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. But then, I said to myself. You have your own timetable and family problems. A full-time job a wonderful grandchild that takes up most of your time. Let your MSs sit for a while. Enjoy life. The time will come when you’ll have a breakthrough when you least expect it. You’re right, we should never compare ourselves to others, otherwise it makes us feel down. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

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    1. thanks for reading and commenting and sharing this great point: “you have your own timetable and family problems”—this is so true for everyone. in the midst of our individual challenges, the time will come for breakthrough, not necessarily at the same time or in the same fashion. so we shouldn’t assess ourselves based on other people’s circumstances

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  2. There is no Gold without dirt I’ve never come across one. it must first be dug up then washed and processed in a furnace before they come out glorious and shiny.

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