Often, the Line Between Failure & Success is so Thin that We Hardly Know When We’re Right There

In a world of difficulties, hardships, challenges, and hustles, being a genius or achieving success often comes by making consistent efforts. But while making those consistent efforts, many people fail or fall off the cliff when they get to the tipping point which, if they could just add a bit more effort, would produce large effects and great success.

The thing is that, after giving their all, so many people fail to recognize when they’ve reached the tipping point or line between failure and success. The next time you feel like giving up, even though you’ve invested a ton of time, patience, money, and whatnot, persuade yourself to push a little bit longer because you might just be on the thin line between failure and success.

Every time we’ve tried and tried and tried and gone some distance, chances are that success is just around the corner, but we fail to recognize it because of a few or countless reasons: the line between failure and success is so thin that we barely realize that we’ve reached it or even passed it.

It’s unfortunate how lots of people have thrown up their hands or given up at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience, and a little more hustle would achieve the success they’ve been craving for since forever.

If we are not careful, the more the tide of challenges clears out, the more our impatience would wear thin, and we may hardly know when we’re just an inch away from success: sometimes, our prospects may seem darkest when they’re right there at the turning point to success—a point where many fail to recognize that a little more effort and persistence could turn hopeless failure into glorious success.

Failure only arrives eventually when we give up and decide not to continue trying any longer. Whenever you reach a point where start believing that you can no longer go on, then your self-discipline has begun to run out of gas; rather than throwing up your hands in defeat, move the opposite direction and persist just a little bit longer because success could just be around the corner.

19 thoughts on “Often, the Line Between Failure & Success is so Thin that We Hardly Know When We’re Right There

  1. I really enjoyed reading this very motivational post. There is a quote by Suzy Kassem “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will,” and this quote has really stuck with me. I am a writer and at times I can get discouraged, but success is just around the corner. If we don’t continue moving forward we never know what is possible tomorrow. . . . .Have a blessed week.

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        1. you’re welcome… you mean you have published your own book? if that’s what you mean, then congrats and wish you the best of the best… I will check your blog out for more info on it…is it necessary for me to have any specific direction (on your blog) for your info


          1. Yes, I have self-published my novel “Bully Another Day.” You can find it by going to Kindle Amazon Official site and put my name Jenny W. Andrews / Bully Another Day in the search bar and information about my e-book should come up. My blog has details about my book. Thanks so much. Have a great week ahead.

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    1. you’re welcome. no problem, I completely understand because I’ve had similar experience in the past, but perhaps, if you check “thrash” under the comments section of your dashboard, you may see the comment and approve it so that it can appear on the blog… I had to find this and other type of blog info by just clicking on anything clickable on the dashboard: I came to realize some things I might not have been able to know…I have observed that I resonate quite well with your blog

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