Amidst Criticism, Millions Continue to Dream but Only Few Take Action

Criticism. Criticism. Criticism. What a waste of time and focus on criticism when it comes to turning your dreams into reality by taking action. Various kinds of criticisms prevent most people from taking action and progressing. But action must be taken to get the job done and achieve the ultimate goal—the dream.

Millions of people across the world dream of entrepreneurship and all kinds of wonderful ideas/concepts, but are afraid of taking the first and next steps because of criticism from themselves or other people: they are hampered by criticism or disbelief in themselves or crushed by criticism from other people.

Although we are presently living in 2022, it’s highly probable we would have been living in the past—say the 1500s, 1600s, 1800s, etc.—if the Thomas Edisons, the Leonardo da Vincis, the Bill Gates, the Nikola Teslas, and Robert Fultons of this world allowed criticism get into their heads and stop them from achieving their dreams which have put the world on a much higher level than it was in yesteryears.

Amidst uncertainty and potential criticism, the giants of the past and present times took relentless action and never seemed to care about the criticisms that would come their way if they had failed to achieve what they’ve become renowned for—GREAT INVENTIONS AND IDEAS THAT HAVE OBVIOUSLY LIFTED MANKIND TO TREMENDOUS HEIGHTS.  

People who think it can’t be done should not criticize those who are taking action to achieve uplifting results

In the long run, will it really matter if some unintelligent or inactive meathead criticizes or laughs at the actions you’ve been taking to realize your dreams? No, it won’t. What matters most is sticking in and sticking through.

Is the momentary pain of criticism or scorn really greater than the pain of regret you would experience in the future after realizing that another year has passed but you haven’t acted on your goals and realized or gotten closer to realizing your dreams?

Taking persistent action doesn’t only imply forcing yourself to do things that are uncomfortable or unpleasant—just for the sake of achieving long-term goals or dreams; it’s also about resisting the temptation to give in to criticism or remain mediocre in order to avoid criticism.

Staying in your comfort zone may seem like the safest thing to do to avoid or receive little criticism; however, it is too high a price to pay in order to remain average and never change your current situation or possibly that of humanity—our world—for the better!

6 thoughts on “Amidst Criticism, Millions Continue to Dream but Only Few Take Action

  1. We could not agree more with these sentiments. People who chastise others for taking action while having dreams of X or Y have no leg to stand on. Inaction and passive observation permeate today’s world, making those visionaries who actually do something all that more appreciated. Their voices are heard more and more loudly. Thank you for sharing this much needed post!

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    1. you’re welcome, Specter… deeply appreciate your remark; makes so much sense and drives, especially this message home: “people who criticize others for taking action on their dreams have no leg to stand on”

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