There’s No Value in the Criticism that Comes from Haters

Many people have once received unfair or hateful criticism (mistaken for so-called “advice” or “constructive criticism”) in the past and ran away with it, only to find out later that what they had bought into and ran away with was the worst piece of junk they could ever have as advice! If you’re not careful, the criticism from “haters” will take you backward.

But who can we blame if we mistakenly run away with hateful criticism? While growing up or continuously developing in life, many people aren’t just able to recognize certain types of criticisms for what they really are—completely meaningless, valueless, time- and attention-wasting, destructive, and above all—hateful!

Haters don’t always seem to have good reasons for the hateful criticisms they direct at people. The destructive effects of their criticisms only become obvious after their criticisms start taking a toll on people and starving them of progress—even drawing them back into low or lower levels of life.

Examples of hateful—therefore, senseless and valueless—criticism

While some people are following their dreams by studying in the university or school, or focussing on an endeavor or their career, some haters outrightly distract them by accusing them of:

  • reading too much
  • working too hard
  • dressing decently
  • not partying at all
  • not partying enough
  • not dressing flashy enough
  • not showing sufficient interest in the opposite sex
  • putting too much effort into losing weight
  • using too much time to build a healthier or fitter physique
  • lacking enough talent to become successful
  • doing one thing or another which is none of the hater’s business
  • generally, not fitting in
  • etc.

Haters unfairly or hatefully criticize and criticize and criticize until, if the person whom their criticism is directed at is not careful, they may begin to think that it’s wrong to follow or pursue their life goals.

Don’t give up your goals or dreams because of hateful criticisms. Continue working on your goals and dreams, and be patient; let time pass as you witness the growing number of goals you achieve; then, you’d come to eventually realize that there was and is no value in the criticism that comes from haters.

You’d come to realize that buying or giving in to hateful or unfair criticism would only lead to a downside or dark side that can jeopardize your long-term or life goals.

Don’t give in to hateful criticism; not now, not ever! Hateful criticism can only lead to a downside/dark side

What’s the best way to react to hateful or unfair criticism? You simply have to get used to discarding, rejecting, or not giving in to hateful criticism which is usually directed from haters. The best foolproof way to deal with haters is to ignore whatever hateful criticism they throw at or direct to you.

Focus on yourself instead, and shield yourself from negativity. But why should you? You should because hateful criticism is just not constructive or meaningful; it adds no value to further progress or development, and the intent behind it is only meant to decimate or devalue the progress of the person to whom it is directed.

It’s a sad and unfortunate fact of life on Earth that whenever you do something worthwhile, you will likely have or attract haters for one reason or another—or even for no reason at all! And haters voice out their hateful opinions or criticism; they criticize anything and everything for different reasons.

But it’d be difficult for you to buy into or bother about any hateful criticism if you understand and are convinced that there’s just no value in the criticism that comes from haters. There is zero value in their criticism. The men and women who focus on their dreams know this truth deep down in their hearts.

16 thoughts on “There’s No Value in the Criticism that Comes from Haters

  1. I like this. You are so spot on. When people like this criticise there is usually something underlying their attacks … insecurity, fear, jealousy. I’ve seen too many people had their dreams stolen because the haters want to hold them back. Maybe they fear the change, fear the relationships will change … which is sad that people have their dreams stoleninthis way.

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    1. thanks for sharing that insight: I agree with you that there are usually reasons—conscious or subconscious—underlying the attacks that come from haters. it’s unfortunate how some of the dependent- or weak-minded have had their destinies stolen because they paid some attention to utterances or statements from haters

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  2. The way I see it the people who like to assert themselves in your vision. They might say things like be more realistic, they don’t have to encourage, they just don’t have much to say. Either way for the most part if they criticize you in anyway they’re only exposing their own negativity. You strive to move forward and yet they are stuck…

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    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts. what a intelligent way to describe their hateful acts—”they assert themselves on people’s vision”.. meanwhile, their criticism reveals how shallow and negative they are

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  3. You’ve made some very important points in your blog. I find that highly critical people lack security in their own abilities. They can’t feel good about themselves until they’ve torn everyone around them down. This is truly a very sad person. I’ve been outright criticized and it does hurt and it chipped away at my self confidence. There came a time when I had to break off relationships with highly toxic people. . .Of course, that can be difficult if it’s family or work. But, truth is that toxic personalities can be devastating to our mental health. Problem is that negative criticisms that are toxic are very, very damaging and can remain in our hearts for decades. . .Thank you for addressing this.

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    1. you’re welcome and thanks for sharing your insights. maybe I don’t have as much experience knowing such details as you expressed describing how highly critical people feel about themselves; hence their propensity to tear people down. it can be really disgusting. I feel for you, in regard to family and work, but I have to admit that you did well to cut off from highly toxic people. sometimes in the past, I had even resigned from a few jobs just to be away from the toxicity of overly critical people who are actually haters, just to say the least. I value my peace of mind above any relationship or kind of attachment

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  4. Ooo brilliant post, I love it! I’ve received my fair share of criticism ever since I was a kid, and I’ve found that you can never get it “right” according to anyone else. There will always be something that someone can moan at, to judge you for, to hate about. It’s true that we can’t please everyone, too, and yet it’s often those who want to appease others or at least not cause upset that get particularly hurt by criticism.

    “…it adds no value to further progress or development, and the intent behind it is only meant to decimate or devalue the progress of the person to whom it is directed.” Nicely said.

    I think for some people, criticism and belittling comments are used as a way of getting on their high horses and making someone else feel like rubbish just to make themselves feel better. It’s easier said than done to ignore this sort of hateful or inane criticism that is not helpful in the slightest, but it’s so important to do just that.

    Caz x

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    1. thanks for reading and sharing your insights, especially the concluding remark. it is difficult to face criticism, especially overwhelming criticism, during childhood. I feel for you, especially if you had to grow with it to adulthood

      really, it can be difficult to fight against hateful criticism from others and the voices of criticism within us: but, as you mentioned, it’s what we ought to do. we can only give it a shot with all we’ve got

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  5. I had my cartoons in the major city newspaper and the hateful criticism discouraged me. I was only 11 years old, so didn’t have the skills to realize it was jealousy. I let it derail me.

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    1. I deeply appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your unfortunate experience on this post. I feel so sad for what you had to experience, especially at such a tender an innocent age. it is quite unfortunate you didn’t have the skills, maturity, or knowledge to properly deal with jealous discouragement from people whom I can best refer to as “haters”

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      1. Having engaged parents would’ve helped, but my young mother was also jealous at that time. Shows the value of adults encouraging their kids.


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