More Gratitude Breeds More Self-control

If you sow a particular type of seed and nurture it to maturity, you’ll definitely reap its own kind during or after the passage of time; in the same vein, the more gratitude you sow or express, the more contentment and self-control you’ll eventually breed.

Studies suggest that daily expression of gratitude promotes, encourages, or boosts self-control. David DeSteno, a researcher, states that expressing gratitude for little things on a daily basis (including those that majority of people overlook such as the free life we’ve been given, the free air we breathe, the smile or kindness of a complete stranger, etc.) breeds immunity against impulsiveness (acting suddenly on impulse without reflection). Gratitude can greatly heighten your self-control level and make you more focussed on or oriented toward the future.

Therefore, have it at the back of your mind that the more you express gratitude (a feeling of appreciation or thankfulness) on a regular basis, the more self-control you’ll breed along the way, and the more of it you’ll have at your disposal and be able to use in various areas of your life.

In addition to raising your self-control level, expressing gratitude or appreciation everyday can make you become increasingly positive and greatly improve/strengthen your resolve to stick to your goals—even or especially when the going gets tough!

Expressing gratitude—getting it done

Expressing gratitude has no limit: there’s no limit to which we can express gratitude. Every now and then (or every day), show gratitude for anything—a small, common, or normal thing(s); for example, look outdoors around you and show gratitude for the things your eyes can behold or your senses can perceive—the uncountable works on our beautiful planet: be grateful for the sunny weather; what about the tasty meal you eat?

There will always be something to feel gratitude for, especially when you brought nothing into existence, including your own self—body and spirit.

It’s the simple or cheap things of life—not the complex or expensive ones—that hold more weight to inspire, motivate, and keep our lives going. They make life interesting and sweet!

So learn to look at the simple things around you; for they can empower you to express gratitude on a regular basis and become happier; they can even help you reduce impulsiveness, develop more mental resistance, and gain more self-control.

18 thoughts on “More Gratitude Breeds More Self-control

  1. I actually use the Presently App to express my gratitude in advance for the things I’m asking for as well as the small things that God provides every day. It’s a fantastic habit.

    Have a great weekend! 😊

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    1. you too. many thanks. it’s a great attribute/habit expressing gratitude) you already have. GOD is drawn to gratitude which is so much in sync with humility which GOD also loves. I may have to check out the presently app, as I’ve just seen on playstore that the it is a 4.7 star app with over a million downloads

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      1. Yeah, of course, prayer goes firstly and then a gratitude list, but it really makes a difference.

        The app is actually free, or this is how I’m using it, and it helps.

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