You Lose Self-trust the More You Backdown from Agreements with Yourself

Whenever we make agreements or commitments with ourselves, it’s important to do everything within our power to honor them in the same vein that—or even more than—we honor any word we give to other people, especially those whom we revere.

In no way is it advisable to break any agreements with yourself; however, if you break agreements on a consistent or frequent basis, you’d eventually come to realize that breaking agreements with yourself is tantamount to degrading your self-trust and making it more and more difficult to rebuild trust with/in yourself.

Your self-trust will easily dwindle down and even continue to do so more and more if you make a consistent habit of not sticking to the agreements you make with yourself, especially those that can help you achieve your dreams or life goals.

Worst still, it may take many months or years of consistently keeping agreements before you’d be able to regain your self-trust. Therefore, whenever you make an agreement, keep it; this will greatly help your self-confidence and prevent you from undermining your own self-trust.

Respect any agreements you make with yourself as much as—or even more than—the ones you make with other people. The reason for this important piece of advice is simple: the same way you lose another person’s trust when you break an agreement/promise with them is also the same way you lose self-trust—or trust in yourself—when you fail to keep each promise you make with yourself. It’s plain and simple; so everyone has to be careful.

Without a healthy dose of self-trust, it’d be difficult or almost impossible to cultivate or have enough self-discipline and self-confidence which is necessary for achieving the type of goals—big or great—that can change your life and take you to your real destiny.

Breaking promises with yourself will foster doubts that can nag at you deep down in your heart; it will sabotage any positivity you may have since your subconscious will tend to believe that you cannot even trust yourself anyway—you don’t deserve to have any self-trust because you simply can’t be trusted.

We all have to be mindful of how we handle our self-trust because our brain rewires itself according to the repeated actions we make, individually: if we train our brain to expect broken promises or agreements by consistently going back on our word, our brain will easily get better at strengthening the useless skill of backing down from agreements we make with ourselves.


2 thoughts on “You Lose Self-trust the More You Backdown from Agreements with Yourself

    1. thanks for reading and commenting. you’re such a good person—treating other people’s tasks with urgency—which is rare in today’s world; but you may have to use the same approach when it comes to doing your own tasks

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