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Questions & answers 2: Pollutant types, ecological footprint, IPAT equation, and environmental problems

(Image credit: Pixabay.) Today’s post contains the second of a continuous series of upcoming questions and answers (Q & A) on environment—specifically on pollutant types, ecological footprint, IPAT equation, ecological tipping point, and causes of environmental problems.

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How to reduce/eradicate environmental problems caused by mismanagement of common & shareable resources

Mismanagement of resources and environmental pollution is common in places where a lot of people use common and shareable resources together. Today’s post defines private, common and shareable resources or properties, and provides recommendable solutions that could reduce or prevent environmental problems and degradation caused by unsustainable use of resources and mismanagement of common & shareable resources—at local and global level.

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Impact of microplastics on marine environment & a cheap method for optimal extraction

Microplastics are small and barely visible pieces of plastic that are between 0.1 µm and 5 mm in size, and known to pollute the environment through man-made activities. They have been widely studied and are known to be products of fragmentation of large pieces of plastics that have deteriorated in quality after long periods of exposure and shedding. They cause

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