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Bitcoin Mining: Definition & How it Works

Usually, newcomers in the digital currency or cryptocurrency world have a load of questions. If you’re new or somewhat a bit familiar with Bitcoin, you might have probably wondered where the digital currency “Bitcoin” comes from, or how it is being created or mined. In fact, you may be asking questions such as: What is bitcoin mining? How does bitcoin mining work? How can you mine Bitcoins? The aim of this article is to answer these questions and explain in simple terms what bitcoin mining is. This article was written specifically for people who have average, little, or no technical knowledge about Bitcoin and the bitcoin mining process. (Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)

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11 Factors that Can Determine Bitcoin Price Volatility

Like most existing digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a very volatile cryptocurrency; between November 2017 and December 2017, its price had increased by at least 220 percent; many other instances have shown how volatile Bitcoin value and price have been and can be. But why has bitcoin price and value been so volatile? Well, it’s important to note that upward and downward price fluctuations and volatility of Bitcoin price on cryptocurrency exchanges are determined by many factors. This article discusses 11 factors that have determined and can still determine Bitcoin price volatility around any particular time period. (Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: Pros & Cons of Various Methods Used for Predicting Bitcoin Prices

This article lists 5 research works that were conducted to predict Bitcoin prices; in addition, it lists the pros and cons—advantages and disadvantages—of the various methodologies used to predict Bitcoin prices in each research work. In two of the research works, only one algorithm was used in each respective method, while in the other three research works, two algorithms were used together in each respective method. (Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)

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