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3 Outstanding Life Principles You Should Ingrain in Your Life

Do you follow a set of life principles or principles for your life? If you don’t, then it’s not too late to write them down in your heart or on paper and start adhering to them, rigorously. It’s never too late to design your life principles and start using them in your decision-making process to ensure that you make better/the best decisions. This post contains just three important and outstanding life principles you should ingrain or have ingrained in your life.

The importance of having life principles and abiding by them cannot be underestimated, since they are proven fundamental truths that can be applied again and again in similar or different situations to achieve goals and serve as a formidable foundation for getting what we want out of life, now and in the future.

Although there are possibly many more life principles that each one of us applies to different aspects of our individual lives, here are three life principles that are outstanding, all-round or general, and applicable to most or every life endeavor:

1. Don’t ever give up on anything that is important to you

This first outstanding life principle or fundamental rule implies that if you are convinced that anything is important or worthwhile, regardless of the situation around you—good or bad—don’t ever give up on it. There’s no need to waste time stressing too much about the importance of not giving up because we all know it to some degree—each one of us can at least sense it!

2. Don’t waste time

This second outstanding life principle implies you should avoid time-wasting (wasting time needlessly and unproductively), especially by procrastinating or leaving today’s stuff unattended to for tomorrow—or even for never ever!

Maybe all of us are guilty of procrastination—just maybe! Procrastination is a way of life that has consumed some people and which you should avoid by taking the opposite road: always strive to get done today what ought to be done today, and avoid leaving today’s stuff for tomorrow or for never ever!

To achieve this, you need to make time one of your most important assets (if not your most important asset) by getting stuff done immediately or on time—even if it is now or today.

To make the most efficient use of time, focus on doing more stuff or achieving more things with less time. Embracing the second life principle or fundamental rule means you’d have to resist doing things carelessly and always seek for more or the most efficient ways of doing things.

3. Don’t resist going and growing outside your comfort zone

Some people are okay with staying in their comfort zone because of the security it provides, and this is okay. However, don’t be fooled: real-life school and growth occur outside of your comfort zones, not inside!

Read through history and you’ll find the greatest of men and women went outside their comfort zone, and they have had their names written on stone—on the heart of mankind and time!

What you think is secure/a form of security would lead you to mediocrity: it would lead you to be mediocre in the school of life and achieve much less than what the Creator designed and destined you to achieve.

Therefore, living by the third outstanding life principle would help you resist the urge to remain in one place and stay complacent instead of exploring the many levels or schools of life: going and growing outside your comfort zone would reduce or even eradicate the tendency to become too comfortable and complacent.

Concluding Remarks

The three life principles or fundamental rules in this post are not just mere words; they are pillars of greatness. People who are serious with their lives consider life principles as important as the promises they make or have made to their spouse or anybody else; so the promises need to be fulfilled, regardless of the present situation or the potential future situation.

The three outstanding life principles or fundamental rules can help anyone to live their life according to their most important values, thereby avoiding decisions or actions that favor unnecessary, instant, and short-lived gratification over long-lasting achievements.

So what outstanding life principles or fundamental rules do you have or would like to have ingrained in your own life? You’d need to know them by heart or them down—the principles you believe will help you get what you want out of life. 

When you have noted the life principles or fundamental rules, treat them as promises that must not be broken. Don’t dare break them for anyone or anything!