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“Pressing on” is What Separates Winners from Losers; It Takes People to Their Destination

The motto or catchword “press on” has solved and will always continue to solve mankind’s problems and even those of other living things. Pressing on or being persistent—and also determined—is very important.

In many cases, if not all or almost all, it will be difficult if not impossible for anything to truly take the place of “pressing on” or persistence. Talent won’t; genius won’t; even education won’t!

The world has many educated derelicts, unrewarded geniuses, and unsuccessful men who have great talent; the absence of pressing on distinguishes such people from rewarded geniuses and successful talents.

Pressing on is extremely important and often a game changer when obstacles are seemingly getting in the way between our efforts and our final goal—the ultimate prize!

Whenever you’re in doubt, just continue to press on instead of giving up or caving in

It sounds unjust, yet one simple and undisputable fact about life is that people who persist are usually more successful than geniuses, educated, and talented people who don’t. Persistence that is exercised over a considerable or long period of time eventually leads to success.

Many people are extremely talented, but they fail to achieve success when doubt comes in: they give up after flopping one or more times; meanwhile, those who are much less talented (or lack talent, skills, or formal education) but continue to persist are the ones who eventually occupy the bestseller lists because of continuously engaging in one activity after another until success arrives.

Many successful people aren’t smarter than you or me; yet they manage to persist, master several things, and build themselves—even with tools that people think are almost difficult or impossible to utilize. Their secret lies in persistence.

Within a period of time (days, months, or years), they acquire an extensive body of work—all thanks to small amounts of daily time investment that don’t require any special talents or being a genius.

If you have stopped pressing on and are currently struggling to reach your goal, remind yourself that even though you feel lost in a maze, pressing on will eventually help you reach your destination in many cases. Pressing on or persisting is the only thing that separates eventual winners from the losers.