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Your Calling Won’t Always Lead You to the Most Comfortable Lifestyle

Although our individual calling depends mainly on us, the path we take to achieve the goals of our individual calling might not always depend completely on us. Sometimes the path can be very challenging, and deadly, but what usually lies at the end is a prize that money can’t buy; a legacy that the world won’t forget. Regardless of what you experience, your calling will always lead you to a lifestyle that you will be in harmony and content with—a life you will be proud of. (Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Do What You Love Doing & Give the World What it Needs—Your Life’s Calling

Anyone’s calling can be clear from the onset, or can become clear later on during one’s life. The world is an uncertain place full of mysteries and opportunities…One great formula that can take you in the direction of your calling is this: find/discover what you love doing and what the world needs, and combine the two of them. (Featured Image Credit: Unsplash.com.)

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