Pay Attention to Your “Still Small Voice” No Matter How Noisy the World Becomes

No matter how noisy the world around you becomes, and no matter how busy you are, there would always be a still small voice that whispers to you in quieter moments, reminding you about the life you should live, whether you have lived it, or are yet to live it. Regardless of the circumstances around you, if you listen hard enough, you will still be able to hear that still small voice.

You Were Born Not To Be Misled Into Doing Something Unimportant To You

When you started becoming conscious at a certain point in life, you likely believed you were born to do something important; however, something happened: school or college came calling; your parents encouraged you to become a lawyer; your uncle told you that becoming a medical doctor would be the best thing for you, rather than following your heart to become what your still small voice continuously encouraged you to become. In fact, when the “real life” started, you gave up on your still small voice and abandoned your dreams altogether because other people made you believe that you had to grow up and be what they thought you should become.

Other people made you believe you were immature and selfish until you began to doubt yourself and wonder whether your beliefs and still small voice were genuine in the first place.

Many People Give Excuses For Not Going After What They Were Born To Become

Yes, many people give excuses for not listening to their still small voice: they give excuses for not going after what they believe they were born to achieve.

There will always be a way for you to do something meaningful which wouldn’t force you to conform to other people’s beliefs or interests. The more human history is enlarging, the more we are beginning to realize that the way things were done in the past no longer works. Things in the world are demanding a fresh approach, and we need something new—everyone needs to go back to their still small voice. There is more to life than what is happening to you.

Many times in life you have to trust your gut—that still small voice—and do what is uncomfortable and likely painful; but the more you move ahead, the more there will be signs along the way, and there will be markers to indicate that you are heading in the right direction. Each person can find their life’s purpose; even though it may be uncomfortable and chaotic, something valuable will emerge from the discomfort and chaos. If you follow your still small voice, be patient and persevere, you will find something important which you can be proud of.


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