New Year Resolutions Cannot Be Successfully Implemented Overnight

Usually, multitudes of people from every nation thinkable start off each Year with their “New Year resolutions”; however, fast-forward into the year and what eventually happens is that most or almost all of the same people lose courage and fail at implementing their New Year resolutions.

Truth is that New Year resolutions—as well as the important things of life—don’t come into being overnight. Everything on Earth needs time to ripen. More importantly, everything involving and revolving around the mind needs some appreciable amount of time to ripen! To successfully implement a New Year resolution today, your mind must work on it, and this requires at least some ample patience.

If you want a ripe fruit now-now-now, you need to be patient! First, you must allow the tree to flower, and start to produce fruit; next, you have to wait for the fruit to ripen.

Therefore, if a fruit is not brought to maturity in an instant or within a second or an hour, how do you expect the human mind to implement a New Year resolution so quickly and easily?

Even in situations where New Year resolutions are successfully implemented, the mind must have been doing some underground work prior to the successful implementation of such New Year resolutions.

One major rule everybody that would be wise to remember when it comes to successfully implementing New Year resolutions—especially when it comes to changing habits—is this: don’t expect that over the course of a few days or even a few weeks, you’d instantly change the negative or damaging habits you’ve been engaging in for a long time—especially months or years.

Long story short: it takes time to make wholesale mindset changes in both positive and negative directions! At the very least, it could/would take you weeks, months, or even years to eradicate negative habits and traits from your life and successfully implement your New Year resolutions.

It would be meaningless to be unsatisfied with or get angry at the amount of time you’d need to successfully implement your New Year resolution. Why? Because you can’t suddenly instill new habits or erase the effects or impacts of the negative past.

All you can do is work on your New Year resolutions and be patient, especially if you’re starting from ground zero; however, if you don’t need to get rid of a bad habit, it will evidently take you a shorter time period to acquire the virtue you desire because you wouldn’t have to waste any effort or time in reversing or erasing the adverse effects or impacts of the bad habit.

Even so, it doesn’t mean you’d be able to instantly implement your New Year resolution overnight. It takes time for a New Year resolution mindset to mature and straighten things out: a new or desirable trait or habit only becomes firmly and successfully ingrained in your personality with the passage of time and a series of supportive experiences to reinforce its presence.

Think of successfully implementing a New Year resolution as regularly practicing any sport to become better and better at it: regardless of how much talent you have, you still need to practice hundreds upon hundreds or thousands upon thousands of times to build muscle memory and develop a sixth sense for playing the sport.

Since you can’t play a sport for 24 hours and 7 days a week, usually, it would take you years to become great at the sport in order to become a great player—and there’s no way to shortcut the process! Instilling a New Year resolution mindset is the same.

One decision and successful shot don’t make you a great basketball player. One decision and successful shot don’t make you a great football player. But regular or consistent series of successful shots do. Consistency requires repetition over an appreciable or long period of time.


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