You Become Great by Discovering other People’s Problems & Finding Solutions

People become great and famous in the world because of discovering other people’s problems and finding solutions for them. The most trusted way to become great is by serving people—by proffering and providing solutions to their problems.

Due to the imperfection in our humanity, we have the tendency to be constrained or bound within limits and not become great when we evade our true calling which lies in serving each other.

Many people and professions have become very popular because they’ve been focussing on and addressing people’s needs, thereby revealing their true calling just by providing solutions to people’s problems.

To become great, build your life around the principle of loving other people, regardless of who they are

Serving people means solving their problems. The more services you offer, the greater or more popular you become. If you build your activities on the principle of loving other people and serving them, then success and greatness will naturally follow you in life.

If you serve a few people, only a few people will know you, but if you serve many people, many people will know you; therein lies the difference between successful people and great people, and the difference between different levels of success and impact.

The person who serves a few or lesser number of people is successful, but the person who serves many or a greater number of people is more than merely successful—that person is great because of the impact they have on a greater number of people.

There are unlimited ways to help people and become great: everything the world needs lies in everybody’s hands

There are limitless ways you can use to solve people’s problems and earn love and reverence and become great. If you serve without expecting anything in return, the universe will reward you much greater than anybody could.  

But before you can help people by offering your services, knowledge, or experience, you, first of all, have to find out what people need; once you do that, then you’ll be able to know the particular type of service, knowledge, or experience you can offer, and proceed to offer it.

Successful and great people are consistently looking for problems to solve and people whom they can offer services and wisdom in order to solve their problems. If you use your gifts, talents, or abilities to help people, the Creator of the universe will send spiritual and material blessings your way.


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