Honesty is the Best Policy Over the Long term Where Truth Always Emerges and Stands Tall

Imagine what a world of honesty would mean for everyone, including the world itself. Unfortunately, one of the greatest challenges for the self-discipline of many people is to stop lying—it is difficult to abide by the resolution to be honest and stop lying.

Many of us lie whenever we encounter opportunities to do so, wherever we go, and in whatever we do. Lying is so common that it seems it’s socially allowable to lie a little (telling a white lie) in order to make one’s self, resume, finances, height, or shape look different—or even better—than it really is, especially on the internet (personal blogs, dating sites, job sites, etc.), and even offline—in person.

Truth hardly shows up over the short term. Even when it has not yet shown up, of what benefit is it gain the whole world by being dishonest in the short term, but eventually lose everything valuable over the long term where the truth always emerges and finds out dishonesty?

History has lots of tales about it: the trails of dishonesty that have been causing so many problems and ills in the beautiful garden called society. Honesty and truth—strong ingredients of integrity—have always resided predominantly in virtuous people; on the other hand, both have been seriously lacking in people who are the opposite—immoral, mischievous, etc.

If you’re under the temptation to sacrifice honesty on the plate of short-term gains, recall and activate and radiate the old saying: “honesty is the best policy” over the long-term, the permanent, and eternal.

Honesty is one of the best pillars that can strengthen or establish your integrity, especially over the long term where the truth always emerges and stands tall in a manner that might not always be possible over the short term.

It is one thing to be honest and deny yourself of something valuable; it is a completely different thing to be dishonest when you think that dishonesty would make you look better, only to eventually find out over the long term that it has destroyed you or your relationship with someone whom you cherish deeply.

So, when the truth emerges and stands tall at the end of the day—over the long term—will you have any sense of honesty left in you? If you won’t, then unfortunately, whatever you have left will likely eat away at your conscience.


Not only should honesty be exhibited because it is the right thing to do; but it should also be exhibited because the truth will eventually find a way out. Where will you stand when the truth shows up and beams for the whole world to see?

Lastly: being honest doesn’t mean you should turn your life into an open book and allow everyone to know everything about you. As honest as any society would like and expect us to be, we have the right to keep some things to ourselves in a wise manner.


11 thoughts on “Honesty is the Best Policy Over the Long term Where Truth Always Emerges and Stands Tall

  1. Disagree strongly being boycott and telling the truth is one thing but accepting the loaded consequences comes with the RAW TRUTH ”

    Is something else these are terms and recoil most people are not prepared to handle or to go Parabellum with.

    There some fucking lines you cross there is no coming back from unscathed!!!!

    Greatest trick the Devil did was having the world think he didn’t exist ”

    Hope all is well Mate your following is growing astronomical good hunting Ihagh

    Primal R.e.p.r


  2. This caught my eye. Thank you for confronting this issue. We live in a world where we would rather find comfort in basking in our lies. There is so much lying, it hurts. This even goes back to some of our identities. It really would be a beautiful world if we all could reach a point where we are comfortable with telling or speaking our truth without hurting each other. If you look around, you will find that many of us are stuck with what is referred to as “An Identity Crisis” because one person lied and now everyone else is not honest.

    Sad, but true! “Tell the truth, always. No matter how bad things are or how nervous you are. Just tell the truth in a shaky voice… Do it afraid!!!”

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