Get Your Free Real Estate Cryptocurrency Now: Remint Network

What motivated me to write/share this post (about a new real estate cryptocurrency—Remint Network) was the recent success that we members of Pi Network have been witnessing concerning its cryptocurrency (the Pi coin) which is still being mined on phones, as at the time of writing.

Many are still surprised how the Pi crypto which we’ve been mining on our phones for free is being sold by its respective owners at various prices after they passed KYC and their Pi coins were transferred to the network’s mainnet.

Although the coin is still waiting to be officially launched by Pi network’s core team, some members who have passed KYC have been selling their coins for as little—or you can say as much—as $0.5 (around 350 Nigerian Naira) per Pi coin—Pi coin already selling in Nigeria before official launching; others have even put up their coins for sell on various sites, requesting for up to $8, $300, etc., per coin. Moreover, a group on Facebook named Pi Coins Philippines Buy and Sell have established a platform that makes it possible for Pi coin owners to buy and sell goods and services with their accumulated Pi coins; in summary, this group is a buy-and-sell marketplace that accepts Pi coins as a tender or mode of payment, and many other Pi Network groups around the world are also doing same.

(NOTE: You can still join Pi Network and start mining Pi cryptocurrency for free by clicking here and using the referral code—Terihagh1—during registration. For more instructions, click here, scroll down, and read “How you can mine Pi coins or cryptocurrency for free”.)

Now, back to the new real estate cryptocurrency: Remint Network: What is Remint Network?

  • Remint Network is a new cryptocurrency that focuses mainly on the real estate market and properties, and will eventually be transformed into a real estate platform where registered members can be able to buy, rent, and sell properties (buildings, houses/apartments, structures, lands, etc.) using Remint as the main currency, through peer-to-peer transactions and in a decentralized fashion. Remint Network is trustworthy and has 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, from 845 reviews.
  • Remint Network was founded in May 2021 by Max Hellström and Anton Broman who both witnessed the sudden rise of Ethereum and recognized blockchain’s true potential in sectors such as finance and real estate. By actively evaluating the market, analyzing blockchain projects, and trading countless cryptocurrencies, they decided to start Remint Network and use their arsenal of adequate resources to achieve target goals.
  • Remint Network offers a platform where anyone can earn the new Remint cryptocurrency regardless of their race, ethnicity, location, technical background, or experience in the crypto field. 

How to join Remint Network and start mining free Remint cryptocurrency

  • Click here to download Remint Network free mining app.
  • Sign up using your email, and referral code FR9XEBKJ so you can start mining immediately and get 10 additional free Remint coins. If you don’t use the referral code—FR9XEBKJ, you won’t be given the 10 additional free Remint coins.

NOTE: The mining button usually goes off 24 hours after the beginning/start of every mining session. Therefore, you have to put on your mining button after every 24 hours in order to continue mining. In case you find it difficult remembering to put on your mining button after every 24 hours, you can set your phone on alarm at 24 hours after putting on your mining button. Doing so would help to remind you; also, it would put you in the best position to mine the maximum number of Remint coins possible, before mining officially comes to an end.

Concluding remarks

  • Remint cryptocurrency should make a lot of sense to anyone who is interested in/invests in real estate properties. The good thing is that you or anyone can get Remint tokens for free by using their smartphone via the Remint Network app.
  • You don’t need to pay any money to earn Remint coins; the only investment required of you won’t exceed more than at most one minute of your time every day, in which you’d be expected to tap the mining button and continue to do so on a daily basis, once every 24 hours after the mining button stops.
  • The process of mining Remint coins is conducted off-device; therefore, you don’t need to put on your phone for mining to occur or continue. Even when your phone is on during each mining session, you won’t notice any significant energy consumption in your phone’s battery, and your phone’s processor won’t be at risk of anything.
  • For more information about Remint, read the white paper here and go through the FAQ here; for continuous updates on the network, read Remint news here.

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